Victoria (B.C.)

1974 GM "Fishbowl" model T6H-5307N #5350 (UPF #5350 - Ex-Prince George Transit & Charter #T18)

Photo Added: 

#5350 was originally purchased alone for Transit Service for Prince George by Prince George Transit & Charter in 1974 as #T18. Later on sometime in the 1970's, The Province of British Columbia took over operations and #T18 became #5350 in the Unified Provincial Fleet number system. In 1990, #5350 was transferred to the Victoria Regional Transit System to operate as a spare unit to replace the 700 series 35 foot GM New Looks which were to undergo rebuilding. Only two of these rebuilds were done and #5350 ended up staying in Victoria for a few years until sometime after Summer 1994 when it was transferred back to the Small Communities Fleet. The photo of #5350 was taken at the Victoria Transit Centre in January 1992 by Peter McLaughlin.

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