Victoria (B.C.)

1974 GM "Fishbowl" model T6H-5308N #'s 963-967 - Ex-#'s 822-826 (UPF #'s 6570-6574) Bucket seats, reading lights, step down operated rear doors.

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#964 is seen resting at the Garbally Transit Centre waiting for her next assignment in this shot captured by Peter McLaughlin on March 25, 2000.

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#965 is seen parked at the Victoria Transit Garage waiting for it's next run assignment in this shot taken in January 1992 by Peter McLaughlin. Beside #965, you can see 1981 T6H-5307N #843 which now currently operates for the Strathcona County Transit in Sherwood Park, Alberta as #912 which was purchased from Victoria in December 1999.

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#966 is seen in Downtown Victoria waiting for her departure time as a route 28 Majestic in this view captured by Peter McLaughlin on January 6, 1992.

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#967 waits for her next assignment in October 1993. She was retired sometime after the 1994 Commonwealth Games in the Summer of 1994.

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