Red Deer Transit (Alberta)

1975 GM "Fishbowl" model T6H-5307N #343 (later became #1332)

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343r.jpg (93538 bytes)

#343 (Now #1332) is seen waiting for a part at the Red Deer Transit Garage before being activated into service. She has also since been renumbered to #1332. These leased Edmonton Transit Fishbowls are only going to be in service for a few more months and will be taken out of service when the delivery of some new NFI D40LF coaches arrive later this summer (Summer 2005).

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1332.jpg (91827 bytes)

Here is a shot of #343 after being renumbered to #1332 parked inside the Red Deer Transit Garage waiting for her next assignment. Photo captured by Peter McLaughlin on May 4, 2005.

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#1332 posed for photos outside the old RDT Garage on May 4, 2005. Photos captured by Peter McLaughlin.

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