Seattle (Washington)

1980 Flyer model D900-10235 #'s 1850-1884
(#'s 1850 & 1851 are Center Park Special Coaches)

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#1850 is seen parked at a Metro Base near Downtown Seattle waiting for her next assignment in these two shots captured by Peter McLaughlin in December 1997. If you look at the interior shot, you can see that there are very few seats and the ones that are still in the bus have seat belts. The rest of the space in the bus is used as wheelchair tie down areas. This coach is a Special Coach for Center Park.

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#1851 is also set up the same way as #1850 and was also pictured at the same location back in December 1997. These two coaches were replaced just days after these shots were taken by two new 35 foot Gillig Phantom #'s 3198 and 3199 which are now set up similar to the way these coaches were.

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#1852 is seen posed for photos at Atlantic Base near Downtown Seattle in this view captured in June 1990 by Peter McLaughlin.

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