Southland Transportation LTD. (Calgary, AB)


Photo Added: 5/23/2005

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#1166 sits waiting to be plated and activated into service on the Calgary Auto Mall Shuttle. Peter McLaughlin Photo. 

Photos Added: 12/04/2005

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#1166 is seen resting at the Southland Yard in the Highfield Industrial in S.E. Calgary in these two shots captured by Peter McLaughlin on November 11, 2005.

Photo Added: 12/04/2005

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#1166 is seen waiting for her departure time while operating on the Calgary Auto Mall Shuttle in Downtown Calgary on 4th Ave. near 1st. St. S.E. on November 11, 2005. Peter McLaughlin Photo.

Photo Added: 11/04/2017

#1166. Photo captured by Peter McLaughlin in February of 2008.

Photo Added: 11/04/2017

#1166 in downtown Calgary on April 21, 2008. Photo captured by Peter McLaughlin.

Photo Added: 10/31/2006

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Here is a shot of PWT #1167 shortly after being retired from service in the Toronto area. Photo captured by Richard Oldfield in 2004.

Photos Added: 10/31/2006

#1167 is now seen operating for Southland Transportation on the Calgary Auto Mall / Downtown Shuttle. These two shots show #1167 backing out of her assigned parking stall at the Southland Transportation yards in South East Calgary before heading out to work the afternoon rush hour on the shuttle. Photos captured by Peter McLaughlin on October 24, 2006.

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